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  1. When Should I Pray?
    10 Jul, 2017
    When Should I Pray?
    PRAYER YES, BUT WHEN, AND HOW OFTEN?      Many things can shape our mood for the day. I love the old phrase “waking up on the wrong side of the bed”. What does that mean? Is there a wrong side to get up on? If there is I need to block that side off so I cannot possibly make the mistake of rolling that direction. For me I find I operate best with at least some sort of resemblance to a routing. That does not mean following the same steps day by day without any variance. It simply means, for me,
  2. The Moments That Shape A Lifetime.
    06 Jul, 2017
    The Moments That Shape A Lifetime.
    The Moments that shape a lifetime.    My life has been filled with many different moments. Some created memories that have lasted a lifetime. Others have been fleeting or at least long since forgotten. But as I reminisce I realize that every moment I’ve experienced has in some way shaped the life I have lived to this point. It is easy to recount the major, or impactful moments. It is not always so easy to relive the considerably smaller, seemingly less important moments. I was raised with a
  3. 29 Jun, 2017
    The Art Of Valuing People (Inspired by Stephanie the waitress at Frischs)
    THE ART OF VALUING PEOPLE    I have come to an eye-opening realization. Relationships are one of the most precise commodities we can ever take part in. This is not a new concept to me or most likely anyone else. But relationships can be often trying and even down right difficult. Today I had the opportunity to have lunch with my Lady at a Frisch’s on Poplar Level Road. Our waitress was a
  4. Half full, half empty!
    20 Jan, 2016
    Half full, half empty!
    Half full, half empty! Practicing gratitude is a ritual few have mastered. How often do you reflect on the blessings in your life? Are you able to identify all the blessings in your life? Having a mortgage and bills to pay is not a fun activity. And it can often seem a struggle to make the ends meet to enable you to pay those bills. But how about someone who has no home, or has lost their home? I bet from their prospective your glass is not half empty. The angle of which you view your